What’s New

Own the Moment

The 2017 GMSDC theme challenges every member of the GMSDC family to be proactive about maximizing every opportunity to build lasting business partnerships that result in sustained growth and prosperity.

New and Innovative Changes!

This year we have challenged ourselves to not just ‘think outside the box’ but get rid of the box entirely. The result, the GMSDC will host a new kind of BOE – the Business Opportunity Exchange – with a new program format that will take both our constituents and the event to the next level.

MBE Presentations

Fifty (50) MBEs will have the unique opportunity to present to a panel of corporate procurement professionals.  Each MBE presentation will be fifteen minutes with additional time for questions and answers.

GMSDC Corporate members are signing up to host these presentations.  Once the hosting schedule is complete, MBEs will be able to register for these presentations. Stay tuned.

Corporate TouchPoint

Registered MBEs will be able to use the GMSDC Business Match platform to create a profile for this event. Procurement professionals will review the submitted profiles and schedule Corporate TouchPoint meetings with MBEs that meet their current and upcoming organizational needs.


Day 1 – Tuesday, April 25th

1:00 PM – Greetings

1:15 PM – Keynote: Thoughts from “C” Suite

2:30 PM – Panel – Trends and Forecast from the Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Sports Corporate Industry

3:45 PM – Panel – Trends and Forecast from the Healthcare Corporate Industry Group

5:00 PM – Reception

Day 2 – Wednesday, April 26th

This year the GMSDC BOE will not have booths.  New and innovative approach… MBE Presentations and Corporate TouchPoint

9:00 AM –  Greetings

9:30 AM –  Corporate Industry Group Panel C & MBE Presentations

10:30 AM – Corporate Industry Group Panel D & MBE Presentations

12:00 PM  Networking Lunch

2:00 PM – Corporate TouchPoint & MBE Presentations

4:00 PM – Conference close

Event Pricing

  • Day One Pass
  • $125
  • April 25th only

    Access to all conference activities and seminars on Tuesday, April 25th.

  • Day Two Pass
  • $300
  • April 25th and 26th

    Access to all conference activities and seminars on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • MBE Presenter
  • $600
  • April 25th and 26th

    Includes (2) passes for both April 25th and 26th. Also includes 15-minute presentation to procurement professionals as scheduled.

  • Corporate Pass
  • $400
  • April 25th and 26th

    Includes Tuesday and Wednesday conference activities and events.


Volunteers will be assisting with a variety of duties that are all vital parts to the success of this conference. Shifts are available throughout the day on April 24th (Setup), April 25th (Conference) and April 26th (BOE) to work around most schedules.

Volunteers will receive complimentary parking, as well as meals to compliment the hours being worked. Thank you letters will be provided to all volunteers.

If you are interested, please check back after March 6th for more volunteer information.


There are several hotels in the area near 1 Coca-Cola Way.  The host hotel is still being negotiated.  Please check back after March 6th for more hotel information.