The Impact of Leadership

The Key Point
August 2016 – Number 1

Our primary goal at the GMSDC is to help you win in the Marketplace of Tomorrow. As we evaluate the resources that you need to be successful, it becomes ever more apparent how much Leadership Matters. For the next few editions of The Key Point, we will be discussing leadership principles that can make or break your small business….

Let’s ponder for a moment the impact that leadership has on every aspect of our world. The nation is in the middle of a crucial election season right now, where we will decide in November who will occupy key positions in Congress, the White House and state legislatures all across America. Never has it been more clear that the people we choose to lead us in these times matter! When we look across the pond at our European counterparts, we see the impact of the Brexit vote on markets, stocks and the value of British currency. If visionary leaders do not emerge from the chaos, the downstream outcomes could be catastrophic, not just for Europe but for the world economy.

America is embroiled in a crisis of identity even now, as we wrestle with divisive issues of race, class and character that have manifested themselves in profound ways on our streets and in popular culture. The one common thread running through all of these crises is a need for strong, decisive and effective leadership. On a parallel track, these times are full of opportunity for the small business owner, but there are challenges that can only be overcome through the development of principled, sound leaders to steer the ship through the storm.

What does the leader of the future need to know? What factors should inform your decision-making? How do we set our priorities in order to optimize our investment of time, talent and treasure into our businesses? What resources are available to help me guide my business from its current state to the next level of success and prosperity? The answers to these and other compelling leadership questions will be addressed in the coming weeks, as we seek to supply you with principles and practices that you will need in order to win. Stay tuned for the first installment of this exciting series, where we will discuss the characteristics of a strong leader.