Through innovative programs, informative workshops and a comprehensive slate of business-building resources and learning opportunities, the GMSDC helps develop the capacity and increase the competitiveness of MBE firms all across Georgia.

After an MBE becomes certified, the Develop phase of the process identifies skill gaps and areas of opportunity that need to be addressed. The GMSDC takes great pride in being the Premier Resource for best practices and essential business development tools that can insure a supplier’s readiness to engage global supply chains. In order to fulfill the GMSDC promise to facilitate win-win business partnerships, the GMSDC assists the MBE community in developing reliability, scope and scale. Our corporate partners depend on us to connect them to suppliers that add value to the bottom line.

The Development phase offers a full complement of learning opportunities…

GMSDC Academy


The GMSDC Academy is the workshop, training and skill development side of the GMSDC. Focused on fulfilling the “Develop’ phase of the Council’s mission, the Academy houses all of the training and education programs offered throughout the year. Under the auspices of the GMSDC’s educational arm – the Georgia Education Foundation – the Academy offers every type of training necessary for MBE firms to close any skill gaps that exist and greatly enhance their chances of winning contracts in corporate supply chains.

Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee Lunch & Learn


The Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (MBEIC) is a team of certified business owners who represent the interests of GMSDC MBEs and provide programs and activities that enhance their opportunities to grow. The Lunch N Learn series features a presentation on a technology, trend, or best practice that would be of benefit to the business owner, while providing opportunities for MBEs to promote their businesses to their peers and network with potential business partners.



The Executive Breakfast Series provides an opportunity for small business owners to engage in an interactive forum led by a CEO or a key influencer in the business community. The primary focus of the EBS is Leadership, as the speakers share insights and impart wisdom regarding the leadership skills necessary for business success. Each speaker shares principles from a favorite book on leadership with the attendees, who receive a copy of the book as a part of their registration.

GMSDC Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee


The GMSDC Industry Groups were created as a means to leverage strengths and encourage interaction between participants within industry categories. These groups include Information Technology, Professional Services, Real Estate and Facilities Services, Staffing, Transportation and Logistics and Governmental Affairs. GMSDC Industry Groups benchmark top performers and share pivotal industry and market trends with one another. Meeting topics can include any subject that is of interest to the attendees or of benefit to the MBEs in that market segment.

Georgia Mentor Protege Connection Class Of 2018


The MPC is a one-year mentoring program that offers a small business owner the opportunity to be matched with a mentor corporation for a year. Through a custom curriculum consisting of a sequence of meetings, exchanges and coaching sessions, the small business owner refines strategy, enhances competitiveness, and sharpens overall business focus through mentorship.

The program provides a dynamic combination of resources and collaboration to give small businesses the best chance at surviving and thriving in an ever-changing economic landscape. The Georgia Education Foundation offers the MPC, with many of Georgia’s leading corporations providing sponsorship, mentors and administrative support.

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